Our Story

 ~ Here is my story ~

I was born in a poor family and raised in the province of Cebu, Philippines.   In 2000, my stepfather (a US Navy Veteran) passed away. With only $60 in my pocket, my two younger sisters and I flew from our home country to Philadelphia for our father’s funeral service, and my journey to reach the American Dream was begun. 

In 2007 I got married and desperately wanted a baby.  But it didn’t happen until after 12 years of trying and IVF failure. Since we didn’t have children, we began dedicating our Christmas holiday to volunteering, feeding homeless people, and giving toys to needy children. We continued to serve the Lord and worked in the corporate world.  Then a MIRACLE happened! God gave us a baby after 12 years of marriage! The pregnancy was successful, and I delivered a healthy baby girl.   One month post-birth, I became very ill and was diagnosed with Postpartum Heart Failure Cardiomyopathy. My life completely changed. I needed to focus on taking care of my baby and my health.

I prayed to find ways to help our family find another source of income. I had to find something I could do at home so that I could take care of our daughter as well as take care of my health.   

As a new mom,  I’ve used my Louis Vuitton speedy 35 bags, adding a diaper organizer insert inside, hoping it would work, but none met my needs.  One part of an organizer worked while the rest of the pockets were useless, and the other organizers were the same.  An idea came to mind, and that’s when I decided to design a Multi-functional use organizer that worked for me and I know will work for others as well. 

 As a small business owner, for every organizer sold,  I pledge to donate 1% of our profit to feed the homeless and children in need.  We partner with our local non-Profit of Mara's Christmas Wish Inc. 

Thank you for reading about my background and the beginnings of our bag inserts.  I hope you will be pleased with the purchase.    

Best regards,
Gigi C.